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Southern California is too warm.  Not as bad as Florida, but I am *so* looking forward to the end of summer, which around here is usually, oh, about mid-January.  Spring starts in late January.  That's much more winter than they have in Orlando! 

Warm weather, especially when lacking coolness at night, melts my brain.  I don't get far with intellectual projects, science, writing, software work.  But hand me a camera, and somehow it's more fun to capture a creative shot, find a new point of view, show interesting objects in their settings.   I also love photography on cold days.  I had a great time in Boulder during a blizzard - took a zillion photos. 

There is a huge blank wall at one church I go to.  There had been photographs from a member hanging, but after many months it's time for something new.  Now it's a large empty wall hungry for artworks.

What has that to do with whining about warm weather?  Nothing, until I start thinking about how I could feed that hungry wall.  Many people have said good things about my digitized "Marpinated" photographs.  What if I crank out about twenty or thirty of them, printed (high quality) and matted and framed?  I have no trouble coming up with visually interesting photos.  But turning one photo into an artified digital image takes much time. 

Normally I do it in GIMP.  A typical photo becomes like a watercolor or ink drawing after maybe fifty, maybe eighty steps.  It may look blah at the end, because a guess I made, a nudge to a curve in HSV color space,  during step 9, wasn't quite right, and so detail got lost during some fancy oilifying filter at step 70.  With infinite time and patience, I'd go back and do it better, but that can be a lot of work, with little chance of getting all the little nudges in stesp 10-69 the same.

So I have designed a tool, a chunk of software that reads a script of steps and performs them on an image. It'll work on huge images, more than ten thousand pixels on a side, for high-res high quality prints. Precidse colors, ICC profiles and all that. GPU for fast blur and median filters. Command line only; I don't have time to think up a fancy GUI.  I'm going to write it in D.  

But that's where I get stuck!  To write any software, I need my brain in a non-melted state.  So I tend to put this off for "winter" when it comes. I will be wating for the next ice age! 

Maybe if i take a photo of that hungry blank wall and post it over my desk at home, I'll remember, and come up with motivation to write D code and get this thing done sooner.
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Submitted on
September 9, 2014